Final Blog Post?


Will this be my last blog post? I do not think so, I have been fond of writing about a topic every other week or so. I still have one more post I have to write, as I am one short from ten written. I will probably write more in the future, but not weekly, maybe once a month or something like that.

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Introduction to Electronic Literature!

Hello everyone, long time no blogging!

We have now covered Digital Art and Video Games, and it’s time to step into the world of Electronic Literature, or E-Lit for short. Our last subject.

“Elit” refers to works with an important literary aspect that takes advantage of the capabilities and contexts provided by the stand-alone or networked computer.
Born-digital literature.

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Rain Games & Empathy Games!

Instead of class this week, a group of us visited Rain Games Studios. I got excited when Patrick announced the field trip to Rain Games; it was fun to not only see the games they were making, but also get to see the development process and time behind games. They showed us a game they recently released called World to the West, this is an action adventure game that builds upon the universe of their indie hit Teslagrad. I knew that I had to get this game as soon as possible when I heard that I could buy it for the Nintendo Switch.

We got a look on another game under development called Mesmer. From what we were told about the game, as well as the small clips they showed, I can say that this game will be on my watch list and if you like strategy games, you should check out this game here.

Thank you so much for this possibility, I cannot wait to hear more about your projects!

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Redefining Game Genres!

This week’s gaming topic were about game genres and the three dimensions of games, mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics.

Mechanics are the rules and systems that create the play we experience, its rules, the actions the played can take in the game, the algorithms and data structure in the game engine.

Dynamics are the experiential play those mechanics create that we engage in, the running and gunning in an FPS.

Aesthetics are the reasons that we go to that game for, the emotional responses evoked in the player.

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My Gamer Type!

This week’s topic is about video games.

We kicked the week of by doing an informal poll on what type of gamers we might be. The four gamer typers Mia mentioned in class were, casual gamer, social gamer, specialist gamer, and expert gamer.

Personally I am more than just one of these. I do not fall in to the casual gamer category, video games is more than just a casual hobby to me as I often read up on lore and really immerse myself into games i thoroughly enjoy playing.

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Internet Art!

The lecture this tuesday, the 13th of February, was about internet art. Mia talked about examples of early internet art, like My boyfriend came back from the war, by Olia Liamina. She also talked about browser art, rewriting the ways we explore the internet, examples that she brought in were The Web Stalker, I/O/D and NetoMat. The last form for art for this lecture was about software art, which is about code as a form of creative writing. Code as the paint and canvas of the digital artist. This was an interesting class about the early form for internet art.

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Video Games as Digital Art!

This week has been a challenge for me in some way. As I grew up I have always been the quiet kid, I have never been any good at talking about my ideas and opinions. To be honest, Networked Narratives has been a little bit scary to me. When I heard that we were going to have an open discussion: #NetNarr “Flash readings”, I got a bit out of my comfort zone, but I have started to do these things, getting out of my comfort zones and challenging my irrational “fear”. I set myself a goal, to answer one of the questions that would need an answer, and I did!

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Love Letter Algorithm!

The first digital literature as far as we know is “Love Letters” by Christopher Strachey.

On Wednesday the 31st of January, Guest speaker Dr. Leonardo Flores talked about the three generations of electronic literature, the first one being about pre web experimentation with electronic and digital media. This was such an interesting lecture.

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