Rain Games & Empathy Games!

Instead of class this week, a group of us visited Rain Games Studios. I got excited when Patrick announced the field trip to Rain Games; it was fun to not only see the games they were making, but also get to see the development process and time behind games. They showed us a game they recently released called World to the West, this is an action adventure game that builds upon the universe of their indie hit Teslagrad. I knew that I had to get this game as soon as possible when I heard that I could buy it for the Nintendo Switch.

We got a look on another game under development called Mesmer. From what we were told about the game, as well as the small clips they showed, I can say that this game will be on my watch list and if you like strategy games, you should check out this game here.

Thank you so much for this possibility, I cannot wait to hear more about your projects!

As “homework” for this week, Mia asked us to play one of the empathy games from her list. I chose to play Papo & Yo. This game is about a young boy named Quico, and his abusive, alcoholic father, portrayed as Monster. I don’t want to spoil the story of the game so I am not going to write about the game to much. It was a well made game, with complimenting music to the areas and scenes. The only real critic I have is that it was a bit rough around the edges and could have been poslished a bit more to make the game feel smoother and more pleasant to play through.

I also made some Digital Art with Photoshop thanks to Markus Mjelde, aka Construcker. He showed me how the program worked and came with a handfull of tips and tricks.

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